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Individual Therapy

Here for You

I provide compassionate individual therapy sessions as I use various methods of depth psychology to guide clients through their unconscious mind and shadow self to illuminate beliefs and wounds that are manifesting as mental health symptoms, unwanted behaviors, and/or unhealthy patterns. By bringing these unconscious forces to light I help people change them and develop healthier attitudes towards life's most complex matters. Issues I can help you with include; therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, grief, life transitions, relationship issues, chronic stress, self- esteem, spiritual crisis, impulsivity, and behavioral issues. Furthermore, I provide an individualized approach. For example, depending on your needs I might assign homework such as readings, journaling, thought logging, dream work, breath work, and/or mindfulness activities. If, on the other hand, you dislike homework or life is too overwhelming to add something to your schedule then we will concentrate on our work only during our sessions. I accept Medicare or private pay. Schedule a free consultation today at (415) 302- 8402 or

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Inspirational Care

In my life coaching sessions, we’ll work to solve current problems by gaining helpful insight and creating action plans to create change. I will provide you with personalized tools to cope with life’s obstacles. For example, I can help you address dating issues including break ups, peer relationships, problems with career, questions around spirituality, and life direction questions. Get in touch to book an appointment or schedule a free consultation at (415) 302 8402 or

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